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January 25, 2012


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Stop ACTA ! [Edit : VICTORY !]

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 25, 2012, 5:40 AM
"Dear all,

I am delighted to be able to inform you that ACTA has just been defeated in the plenary session of the European Parliament by 478 votes to 39, with 165 abstentions. Which represents the biggest defeat of a legislative proposal from the Commission ever.

An earlier attempt by the pro-ACTA MEPs to postpone the vote was defeated.

This is an excellent result which is a testament to the very impressive campaign of people power against ACTA which saw millions sign petitions, thousands taking to the streets and contacting their MEPs.

The Commission has indicated that it will continue with their case in the European Court of Justice and will most likely attempt to get Parliament's consent on a modified version of ACTA in the future. So we need to keep up the campaign.

Paul Murphy."


Anti-SOPA campaign has been pretty violent (and effective !) but it is no time to give up !!

ACTA is on its way, and it is NOT a European-only version of SOPA ! Any country in the world can agree on the text if it passes ! Not only this is another way to censor the internet, but it will also affect HEALTHCARE for copyrighted medicine, and any kind of commercial trade !
STAND UP AND FIGHT ! With such a text, you might not be allowed to draw or reproduce any kind of copyrighted material anymore ! DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT FANARTS ?

Sign the petition here !
And the official from Avaaz here !
Learn more about it here !
Fight with humour : Spread the buzz on the #ThingsBetterThanACTA (followed by a thing you hate) and regular #StopACTA posts on Twitter.


Edit : I emailed 13 french european deputees this week, pleading them to take action against ACTA.

And you ?

EDIT 2  : 1000 Anonymous at Paris : protesting against ACTA !
Three french political parties officially pronounced their opposition to ACTA : le Front de Gauche (extreme Left), les Verts (Ecological Party), and the Front National (extreme right [better than nothing I guess...]) .

Another WorldWide action is planned for the 11th of February :… go find your city and country ! THEN STAND UP AND FIGHT !

EDIT 3 : Good news = Slovenian governement excused themselves publicly to have signed the treaty and now condemn it. Brazil refused to sign and denounced it. Poland froze the negociations.
Also, I'll be in Paris for the upcoming protest ! I'll probably have a meme-related sign ( = :icony-u-noplz: ), find me if you're around :D And if you're not, where will you be protesting this week end ? ;)

EDIT 4 : Hello guys ! The Paris Protest was grand ! Lots of people, lots of creative costumes and signs (mine had a lot of success, I was often taken in photo but cannot find one yet...), there was a cold wind but a beautiful weather, no incident...It was a success ! But it's not over ! There's a little video here but it was toward the end of the demonstration so i dont think it's very representative of how many we were.

And here are some photos of the other european protests :… ! Enjoy !

EDIT 5 : Sorry for the spam, but WOOT ! My Y U NO sign is on 9GAG !! :D

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Go where you have come from, ACTA!!! No one needs you :P
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Wonderful news.
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On my last project I was warned against going to Europe, because some people may use this to hack into my laptop and download secret corporative documents. Looks like it will be safe for now :)
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